Fairfield, IA: Call for Local Artists/Designers

Want to become part of an artist community? Interested in partaking in an artist co-op? 

As for the details of what the artist co-op is, and how it would work:

Generally, the artist co-op is a retail space. Artists ‘rent’ table, shelf, or rack space on a monthly basis. The co-op also has an open studio space for members of the co-op to use. The retail space is also an art gallery for photographers, painters, etc. to showcase their work monthly or bi-monthly. 

I was part of an artist co-op in NY and am using that as a starting point for ideas:

Artists pay a monthly fee, to help cover costs of rent, utilities, etc. 
Receive 90% of sales, 10% goes to cover cost of credit card, etc.
Artists can host workshops/classes (if there is a fee, 60% or profits goes to the artist, 40% goes to the co-op).
Artists would work at the co-op 1-2 days/week depending on the number of artists in the co-op. 
-As well as being a retail space, there would also be room to hold workshops by the artists (as mentioned above), a work space that would be an open studio for the artists to use, the retail space would be an artist gallery (such as painting, photography, etc) for artists to showcase work 1-2 months (sales of artwork, 60% artist, 40% co-op). 

-This is just a general starting point and will probably change as the co-op grows. 

-I am looking to get everyone together this week or next to have a brainstorming session to see what the next step would be. 

-If you are interested, contact me on facebook or at blissjoybull@gmail.com

Thanks so much!

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